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What We Do

PEGmanagement helps you organize public access resources. Through an intuitive user interface, your town can keep track of its members, equipment, locations, and organizations.


You need to know where your equipment is and who's using it. You need to be able to generate time cards. You need to sign up personnel for a program and email them their role and start time. You need to be able to show the value of your organization to others with reports. PEGmanagement can do all of this in a simple way.


PEGmanagement is completely web-based, so the data is available to any users with an internet connection. Unlike other organizational software, you can make changes from home or with a mobile device, and you never have to worry about installing or updating software!

Advanced Features

Imagine a bulletin board system that can run 24/7, but can be easily modified from your computer at home, or reports showing exactly what a video camera was used for in the past year. Imagine being able to find out where a piece of equipment is located in just a few keystrokes!

Internet Broadcast

We also offer the ability to let your public know what your organization is doing. A production calendar lets your viewers know what's going on each month. A browser-based slideshow shows your viewers the exact same thing as your bulletin board.

10 Minute Feature Overview

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